About Me

Nessa Noel, also knows as Vanessa Noel, is a professional actress based in New York City. Born of Haitian and Dominican ancestry.


Nessa has demonstrated a strong passion for acting in both film and television but started out in theater during her high school years.

Height: 5"5

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Location: New York City


Agyapong Films | Birth of Deceit | 2019

Lead Actor​

VSNRY Studios | MilesxAssociate | 2018

Supporting Actor

Louda Films| Friends and Money | 2017

Lead Actor


Investigation ID | I AM HOMICIDE | 2017

Lead Actor


Byam House Entertainment | Will I Ever Get Married | 2019

Lead Actor​

Tonya Davis | Burlesque Murder Mystery | 2016


Matthew David| Cherish Every Precious Moment | 2016

Lead Actor

New Media

Fragile Wildflower Productions | Prospect Park | 2019

Lead Actor​

BETHer | MakeupxBreakup| 2018-19A

Recurring Actor

VSNRY Studios | Perspectives| 2019

Lead Actor

Baron Studios | Recovery | 2018

Lead Actor

Training &

Neighborhood Playhouse| Auditioning in the Room| Vincent Palumbo

MJJ Academy | Intensive Acting Workshop | Marc John Jefferies

ICoached by Lou| Improvisational Workshop| Lou Falk

IWeist Baron Studios | On-camera Commercial | Tod Engle/Batt Johnson​

Special Skills


Modern/Contemporary, Hip-Hop, African Style

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