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Wilson Morales

ABFF 2020 Exclusive: Director Yaw Agyapong, Producer Devin Ricardson Talk About Their Psychological Thriller ‘The Birth Of Deceit’

Currently playing at the 2020 American Black Film Festival (ABFF) is the psychological thriller ‘The Birth of Deceit,’ written and directed by Yaw Agyapong.

Produced by Devin Richardson and Dennis Scarfeo, the cast includes Nessa Noel, Terrence Keene, Jennifer Silverstein, Richardson, and Scarfeo.

Clock Dodgers

Wakanda Forever — Black Panther’s Importance to the Culture with Nessa Noel

Nessa Noel joined Neal for a convo all about the movie Black Panther. The movie that was perfect in everywhere but also crazy important for the culture. Neal and Nessa breakdown why Black Panther was so important, what made it great and how it’s opened doors for many others.

Director Yaw Agyapong’s Psychological Thriller The Birth Of Deceit To Play At 2019 Urbanworld Film Festival

Playing at the 2019 Urbanworld Film Festival is the psychological thriller ‘The Birth of Deceit,’ written and directed by Yaw Agyapong.

Clock Dodgers

Nessa Noel - Life of an Actress + Goals and Struggles [Ep. 38] (Podcast)

Clock Dodgers takes an 'Inside Glance' at Nessa Noel, an actress you should get to know. Nessa spoke with Neal about why she got into acting, her goals, what she'd change about the industry she loves & much more. They talk the fun side of acting, the hard work it takes to succeed & the struggles actors face on a daily basis. No guest leaves without having some fun in 'Foul or No Foul' where we find out more about Nessa the person. Join us as we take an 'Inside Glance' with Nessa Noel.

A Salute To The Black Female Leads Of 2019 Films

Nessa Noel – The Birth of Deceit (Urbanworld Film Festival) Susan Wokoma – The Ghost And The House of Truth (Urbanworld Film Festival)

Let's Keep Building

The LKB Series Ep. 3: Vanessa Noel (Video)

Episode 3 of the LKB Series features actress, model, and dancer Nessa Noel. Nessa Noel, also knows as Vanessa Noel, is a professional actress based in New York City. Born of Haitian and Dominican ancestry. Nessa has demonstrated a strong passion for acting in both film and television. She started out in theater during her high school years.

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