Nessa Noel, also knows as Vanessa Noel, is a professional actress based in New York City.


Known for starring in the award-winning indie film Birth of Deceit and short films such as Blue Flame. Nessa Noel has shown exceptional talent in the filmmaking world.

Born in Queens, NY, Nessa spent most of her childhood growing up in Haiti until she moved back to NY at the age of six. With French as her first language, Nessa excelled in school and found a Strong passion for acting when she started acting in various church youth group productions. Her first notable role was that of Mother Mary. Nessa has strong Caribbean roots, specifically Haitian and the Dominican Republic. 

Nessa has appeared in indie films, short films, music videos, and web series. She has also modeled for modeling/fashion company Top Notch Trend and hosted Fashion events.

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